​​​​​​Clark's Canine Camp

 Dog Boarding in Stevensville, MT

Grooming & Daycare Services also available

Clark's Canine Camp offers cat boarding, in Stevensville, MT. As  a cat owner, you may be faced with leaving your cat with a "kennel" occasionally.  Finding a place to board your cat that will address his or her age, medical requirements and emotional well-being are very important. Since cats can stress easily it is important that they feel comfortable in their temporary surroundings.  While cats board at Clark's Canine Camp, they have their own kennel with a homemade quilt, bed, and play cube. All cats are allowed to roam and socialize daily in a 400 square foot “cat room” with a sofa for lounging, a TV to watch and cat furniture to exercise on.   

​Clark’s Canine Camp is owned and operated by a licensed veterinary technician who has worked for general veterinary practices and emergency hospitals in Pennsylvania, Colorado and Montana. I specialize in pets with medical conditions that require medications, and/or special care and monitoring. As a vet tech, I am trained monitor a patient’s physical and emotional state. I am confident giving medications including injections for diabetic patients.  I will work with you and your veterinarian, if necessary, to ensure your pet’s medical condition is addressed while you are out of town.  

RATE: $15 per 24 hours       

Multi cat discount $13 per day 

                      to make reservations for your dog to stay at CLARK'S CANINE CAMP. Complete the check in form and review the Policies Manual and What to Bring checklist below make make the check in process faster.