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My Goals- from the Beaded Bassett to Clark's Canine Camp

CLARK’S CANINE CAMP is my dream business. I have two major goals for my business.

GOAL  1. I don’t want to have just clients. I want my clients to be friends.  When you board your pet at CLARK’S CANINE CAMP, you are entrusting me with a precious member of your family.  It is an honor  to care for your pet so I take your confidence in my abilities very seriously. I treat your pet like a member of my family during a boarding visit at CLARK’S CANINE CAMP.

 GOAL 2. I wanted to provide HOME, not just a kennel, for people to leave their pets while they were out of town.  I worked in boarding facilities where dogs are kept in kennels.  Regular boarding kennels can be loud, lonely and stressful.  It was heartbreaking to see the sadness the dogs experience during their stay in the kennel.  I didn’t want my friend’s dogs being left alone for endless hours in a noisy kennel. I wanted my friend’s dogs to romp and play. I wanted these amazing creatures to have the option of having human contact whenever they wanted it.

With these two goals in mind, I opened THE BEADED BASSETT in 2010. In 2015, I changed the business name to CLARK’S CANINE CAMP. While the name changed, the home environment and care you have come to expect has not.



We all want happy, healthy, well behaved dogs. To accomplish this goal, dogs need exercise, discipline, socialization and lots of love. CLARK’S CANINE CAMP offers your dog a fun, safe home to stay and play, with a qualified caregiver to love and spoil them. Your pet will be treated like a precious member of Kathy’s family. Every pet who stays at CLARK’S CANINE CAMP will receive comfort, care and compassion during their stay.

Meet Your Pet's Caregiver


Continuing to Improve

Each year since I opened the doors of my home, I have made changes and improvements to enhance the home environment your pet experiences during their stay with me. I have added

  • ​more secure play yards for dogs to play in
  • surveillance cameras for clients to watch their pets remotely
  • a 400 sq. ft family room for dogs & cats to relax in
  • kennels for cats
  • pet grooming services
  • an outdoor bedroom to sleeping under the stars in the summer
  • new deck for enjoying the scenic views
  • pools and play equipment for enhance your pets stay

In 2015, I am proud to say I accomplished the goal of providing pet owners of the Bitterroot Valley a HOME to board their pets at. 


Dogs are pack animals and need to be with others dogs. By being with others dogs, they learn appropriate ways to play, socialize and interact with other dogs with different personalities. Exercise helps to prevent boredom and the negative behaviors associated with it. These behaviors can include barking, digging, chewing furniture, herding other pets in the household or even children, and aggression.


My love for animals began at a very young age.  My first kiss was with a Holstein calf!  I raised cattle, hogs, dogs, cats and bunnies as 4-H projects. ​I was the ADAMS COUNTY  BEEF QUEEN in 1989 and spent a year representing the Adams County Beef Producers. Today, I still raise cattle, hogs, chickens, dogs and cats.  

In 1993, I graduated from Wilson College with an Associate's Degree in Veterinary Medical Technology. I have worked in veterinary practices in Pennsylvania, Colorado and Montana.  My experiences in the veterinary profession have prepared me to be a qualified caregiver to your pet. From treatment of a minor cut to monitoring conditions like diabetes, your pet will be in the care of an experienced professional. 

​My Clients and their Pets are Family
My clients are not just friends. They have become family as well.  I am honored to be “Aunt Kathy” to many four legged, tail wagging, barking (and meowing) creatures. It has been a privilege to be entrusted with the care of hundreds a dogs and cats these past five years.  I look forward to serving my pet owning friends and family for years to come.