* No kennels or crates - my "kennel" is my home!
​* Licensed vet tech with 22 years experience to care for your pet
* Puppy cams with remote access to watch your pet while you are gone
* At-will access to play outdoors or inside via a doggie door
* 3 securely fenced yards on 2 acres to explore
* Playmates to play and socialize with
* Pools to splash in during the summer
* Naps in bed and TV watching on the couch
* Boarders are welcome to sleep with Kathy at night 
* A doggie club house to lounge in!



When your dog boards at Clark's Canine Camp in Stevensville, MT, they become part of my family. They stay 
in my HOME, not in a kennel. My four legged friends spend their days playing in securely 

fenced play yards, splashing in swimming pools and socializing with other dogs. Making new friends to play with is an excellent way to distract your dog from missing you. We watch TV together while snuggling on the sofa. At night, dogs sleep with me in my bed.  They have cattle,  hogs and a flock of chickens to watch too.  Toys, games and treats are abundant for dogs boarding at Clark's Canine Camp in Stevensville, MT.  

Clark’s Canine Camp  is owned and operated by a licensed veterinary technician who has worked for general veterinary practices and emergency hospitals in Pennsylvania, Colorado and Montana. I specialize in pets with medical conditions that require medications, and/or special care and monitoring. As a vet tech, I am trained monitor a patient’s physical and emotional state. I am confident giving medications including injections for diabetic patients.  I will work with you and your veterinarian, if necessary, to ensure your pet’s medical condition is addressed while you are out of town.  


For most of us, our pets are members of the family. I understand how hard it is to leave them when you can’t be home to care for them.  Leaving your dog can be traumatic for both you and your pet especially if your dog is older, has medical conditions, or suffers from separation anxiety. I will work with you and your pet to ensure you both feel comfortable about your pet’s stay at Clark’s Canine Camp . 

At Clark’s Canine Camp your dog is in a HOME, not a kennel, with a qualified care taker who can provide 24 hour attention to your beloved dog. Boarding your dog in a home environment can greatly reduce the stress of your absence. During their stay in my home, your pet will receive love and attention on demand. What dog doesn’t love a spontaneous tummy rub or an ear scratch? 


$25/per 24 hrs

Multi pet discount is $22 per dog for more than two dogs

I also offer discounts for extended stays of two weeks or more.

​                        to make reservations for your dog to stay at CLARK'S CANINE CAMP. Complete the check in form and review the Policies Manual and What to Bring checklist below make make the check in process faster.

​​​​​​Clark's Canine Camp

 Dog Boarding in Stevensville, MT

Grooming & Daycare Services also available